This is the personal website of Steven K. Griffin. This site is a curation of all the various things that capture my attention, projects that I’m working on, and general commentary on life - a digital cabinet of curiosities of sorts. No set posting schedule. No set theme or topic.

Take your time and feel free to rummage around. Here are some of the areas I’ve put together:

  • Journal - More frequent updates, thoughts, commentary, etc. Writing that is timelined. You can subscribe to the RSS feed here.
  • Articles - Finished, longer, more evergreen pieces.
  • Living Docs - A place to “think” in public. Notes and tidbits around specific topics or ideas. Pieces here may eventually migrate their way to the Articles section, but this will be the workbench for longer-form work.
  • Poems - A collection of poems that I’ve written over the years.
  • Books & Guides - published works of fiction and non-fiction. Some for sale, others for free.
  • Newsletter - The Polymath’s Almanac is my weekly newsletter where I will send you a short, curated list of thought-provoking websites, videos, podcasts, people, and books accompanied by thoughtful commentary designed to pique your curiosity and inspire you to dig deeper.

Currently Reading:
The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life by David Brooks