This site is a curation of all the various things that capture my attention, projects that I’m working on, and general commentary on life - a digital cabinet of curiosities of sorts. No set posting schedule. No set theme or topic.

Take your time and feel free to rummage around. Here are some of the areas I’ve put together:

  • Journal - More frequent updates, thoughts, commentary, etc. Writing that is timelined. You can subscribe to the RSS feed here.
  • Collections - Notes and tidbits around specific topics or ideas. Pieces here may eventually migrate their way to a journal entry, but this will be a place to aggregate information. Also a place to collect links to various project resources I’m working on.
  • Books & Guides - published works of fiction and non-fiction. Some for sale, others for free.
  • Newsletters - Want to receive notifications on new book releases or updates on projects that I’m working on? Consider joining my personal newsletter. Want to join me on a deep dive into the esoteric connection between Christianity and the natural world? Then you should definitely join my Natural Christianity newsletter. You can sign up for both here.


This site is built using Hugo static site generator. I currently run a modified version of the Soho theme. Posts and pages are all written in Markdown. All files are stored and tracked in a Github repository and the site is hosted on the Netlify platform.

Some design principles I shoot for:

  • Fast load times - accomplished via static site files, minimal use of images, and deployment to Netlify’s global edge network.
  • Low security risk - another reason I went with a static site generator. Simple, clean HTML files are all that are published. There is no such thing as 100% secure in the world of computers, but static site files are about as close as you can get.
  • Clean & minimal - meant to remove as much distraction as possible, allowing the reader to focus soley on the words on the page. Structured text.
  • Organized Content - everything has a place and everything in its place. Intuitive to the reader.
  • Continual improvement - I consider most things here to be a work in progress. I cycle back through, refining and polishing pages as new insights and research appear. Changelogs on key pages to mark updates or changes in thought help track the evolution of ideas.