Secrets of the Road: Meditations on Running

My running journey started on a cold, February morning in 2011. Overweight, out of shape, and battling severe anxiety, I laced up his shoes and stepped out the door toward the beginning of an adventure that would change my life forever. After running dozens of races, losing over 55 pounds, and regaining control of his physical and mental health, I reflect on some of the life lessons that running has taught me over the years in this light-hearted, short collection of inspirational essays.

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Prototype - Thriller Novel

The Great Riots are over, but the struggle has just begun… From the ashes of The Great Riots, a new technology has emerged. With the promise of peace and security against future uprisings, the U.S. government has taken the unprecedented step of granting a high-profile technology company full control over a small town in Eastern Oklahoma to test the prototype implementation of the City Network Efficiency Tracking system, also known as CityNET. When Jason Drake, a brilliant software developer, unearths a menacing secret deep within the shadows of the organization, a desperate race ensues to uncover the sinister truth behind the technological nightmare that now rules the town. In a story laced with fear and broken loyalties, Jason finds himself head-to-head with the firm’s tyrannical CEO who is hell-bent on ensuring his company’s success at all costs.

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The Scout - Thriller Novel

Five years after a military invasion forced their family from their home in the Southern Province, Paulo, his twin sister Talia, and their younger brother Silas struggle to survive as refugees in the mountains that surround the capital city. While on a mission to obtain medical supplies, disaster strikes when Paulo falls into the hands of the Hyperion Order. The prison is lonely… The labor camps are dangerous… But when a seditious bounty hunter named Azrael Kon tries to befriend him, a twist of fate launches Paulo into a quest that could not only change the course of his life but shift the power of the entire province forever.

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A Pilgrim's Prayer

Sometimes we have the privilege of awakening to a new way of experiencing the world. This poem is about that awakening.

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