Firewall - Book Draft & Notes

Version: 0.1

Working Title: Firewall - A Brief Guide to Building a Resilient Life

Working Subtitle: How the 5 domains of Information Security can help you lower anxiety, adapt to adversity, and achieve personal greatness

More Title & Subtitle Ideas

Concept/Synopsis: To use the tools and processes of information security to help us analyze, reduce, and become comfortable with the risk that remains in our life. This is all in an effort to help reduce our anxiety and live a richer life.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Identify
  3. Protect
  4. Detect
  5. Respond/Recover
  6. Conclusion

*Links to each chapter will be available as I post the draft.

NOTE: This project is a work in progress. These pages are rough drafts at best. The general idea here is to get the concepts written down so I can start the process of pushing around on them, tightening things up, and polishing off the rough edges. I've turned the comments section on for each page in order to solicit feedback. Feel free to post comments, suggestions, questions, or any other ideas you feel might make the ideas in this book stronger.


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