On Technology

This page is designed to aggregate various musing on the progression of technology, its effects on culture, and the idea of “enough.” What exists here, now, is a list of topics that I often think about. Some I have notes on and some I hope to eventually put my thoughts down in writing. The Table of Topics below is a placeholder for some of the notes and resources I plan to write and collect.

Table of Topics

  • Technology, Individualism, and Social Responsibility
  • The Fight to be Secure - thoughts on infosec
  • The Technological Society - notes on Jacques Ellul
  • Luddites & Neo-Luddites
  • Communication
  • Anarcho-primitivism & The Problem of Civilization
  • Notes on Equalization - when do we have “enough?”
    • Why keep going?
  • Abastracting Away Real Life - what happens when you disconnect from the natural world?
  • Technology and the economy - more production and consumption


  • Jacques Ellul
  • Albert Borgmann
  • Don Ihde
  • Hubert Dreyfus
  • David Gelertner (Mirror Worlds)
  • Andrew Feenberg