Attitude of a Fiction Author: 7/09/2021

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Creativity is a curious thing. As I turn my attention toward working on another book, I rediscovered a talk by author Dean Wesley Smith titled “Attitude of a Fiction Author.” I’m convinced the talk should be required viewing for anyone looking to write a book (or embark upon any creative endeavor, really).

Anytime I start a new project or try to get some momentum building again, I try to watch a few of my favorite videos that speak directly to the mindset that helps me “get things done.”

I’ll summarize the key points, but do yourself a favor and watch the talk - so many fantastic pieces of wisdom throughout the entire session. Here are the nine key points:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Have fun
  3. Write what you love.
  4. Defend your work
  5. Believe in your work
  6. Dare to be bad
  7. Heinlein’s Rules
    • You must write
    • You must finish what you write
    • You must refrain from rewriting unless to editorial order
    • You must put it on the market
    • You must leave it on the market until sold
  8. Nobody cares
  9. Calm down

Here’s the full talk:

Field notes from the week: