Preparing for a New Book Release: 7/30/2021

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Another week down. Summer is always a busy time around the farm, but it’s amazing how fast things move when you are working on different projects.

Nevertheless, I am diligently inching toward a new book release (hopefully this weekend). I mentioned back in the spring that one of the projects I have been working on is a new nonfiction book about how someone could leverage processes in practices from the cybersecurity world to build a personal development framework that would guide their day-to-day lives.

Well, I have finished the book, and I am about to release it into the world. The title is Firewall: A Brief Guide to Building a Resilient Life. How to create a personal framework to manage risk, adapt to adversity, and achieve personal greatness.

The title is a bit long but I think it sets expectations well enough. Here is a look at the current cover:

The fun part about this project is that I plan on releasing it for free. It will be my small gift to the world.

More importantly, the book will set the stage for the next project that I plan to work on which is building a slow, boring product. I’ll go into more detail about the project after I get this book launched, but the general idea is to build a tool that will walk someone through the process outlined in the book. More to come on that project soon.

Finally, I’ve been slowly tweaking my website over the past few weeks - playing with color schemes, reorganizing content, etc. My hope is that once I start working on the next project, I can start leveraging the site a little better to post product updates, development notes, and all that. So, stay tuned for details in the next few weeks.

Field notes for the week are below and I will see you next Friday (possibly sooner if I can get this book out the door)!

Field notes from the week: