Productive Procrastination 10-08-2022

Hello, Friend - 

I hope you’ve had a great week. 

Have you ever embarked on a task with the feeling that you’re making a lot of progress, but you also know that what you’re really doing is just procrastinating on another project? 

Well, that’s been me for the last few days. 

For whatever reason, my brain had no extra capacity for critical thinking this week. Instead, I needed something easy to put my attention toward just to keep what little forward motion I’ve accumulated going. 

As such, I’ve been tinkering around (procrastinating) with overhauling all the different content outposts I’ve been managing over the last few months. 

The most exciting announcement is that I’ve overhauled my personal website. This is my go-to procrastination activity when I can’t or don’t want to engage in something hard.

I liked the old look and feel of the site, but I wanted something a little more clean and trimmed down. I also got rid of the Collections page and took the site down to just the essentials: 

  • an about page
  • a listing of posts
  • a listing of my books and guides
  • a page for my newsletter archive. 

As a natural extension of this, I’ve simplified and consolidated some of the places I publish content. The biggest adjustment here is that I’ve decommissioned my Natural Christianity newsletter and now only have my personal newsletter to manage (BTW, thanks for reading!). 

I intend to keep researching and sharing some of my thoughts on the subject, but there’s really no reason to try and manage two different newsletters right now while I’m trying to get a foundation setup.

Instead, I plan to publish research articles and commentary on my website, and then share those posts via this newsletter each week. I think this streamlines things a bit better. 

I consider all this a continual work in progress. I’m sure there will be more iterations to come in the future, but we should never be afraid to throw something against the wall and see if it sticks and then be ready to pivot to something better or more maintainable if needed - even if it’s the result of procrastination.

So, that’s it this week. Productive procrastination. Sometimes we need it. 

How do you like to procrastinate?

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