Changing the default 11-19-2022

Hello Friend -

Just a quick note this week to let you know that, going forward, I’m changing up the default format for the newsletter.

Rather than having a commentary section at the beginning of each issue, I am having the default simply be a list of links that I found interesting for the week…and that’s it.

If I have something personal to share, I’ll add a commentary section that week. Otherwise, the default will simply be a list of shared links.

Hopefully you find some of the stuff I pass along as interesting as I do, but if not, that’s okay too.

So, why the change?

Well, the simple answer is consistency. I can keep up the consistent weekly pace if the content of the newsletter is short and sweet and easy to maintain. The articles and resources I share are things that I’m naturally coming across in my day-to-day adventuring anyways, so it’s not that much more of a lift to pass them along.

It’s a switch toward focused curation.

Second, I value your time. I know most people who subscribe to newsletters probably subscribe to more than one. As such, I don’t want to send you something each week that will be time consuming. I am shooting to provide something that is skimmable. Something that you can look at and make a quick decision on whether or not you want to dive deeper or toss that week’s issue into the trash.

Like I said, if there is something personal I feel is worth sharing, I’ll add a section for that week. But it will be the exception and not the norm.

With that said…on to the links!

🌐 Around the Web

Here are a few links, videos, and sites that I came across this week that I thought you might find interesting.

🔗 The Dreariness of Book Club Discussions

🔗 The Most Dangerous Philosopher in the World

🔗 Why we breathe: Everything from thoughts, emotions, and way we experience the world influenced by the breath

🔗 Building an e-ink weather display for our home

🔗 How T.S. Eliot’s Therapeutic Practice Produced The Waste Land