A Pilgrim's Prayer

For too long
I’ve wandered through this world,

Events trickled by.
People came and went.
My only goal: survive until tomorrow.

Experiences serve no significance.
Relationships, void of meaning.
Lessons lost.
Love never risked.

But that still, quiet voice
Emerges from remembered past,
Beckoning me to new beginnings.

And now I awaken
To a new, yet familiar path.

One with power.

As I fall in love
With the adventure of becoming.

Learning to see
where I once was blind.
Hear, where silence once invaded.

Awakened to Significance.
Overcome by Beauty.
Amazed at the wisdom
That comes with distance traveled.

And I wander no more
My steps, driven by itention.

I waked with excitement,
Knowing that with each day
Comes gifts of insight.

My constitution renewed.
Guided by a desire to grow.
The courage to start.
The diligence to endure.
The patience to reflect.
The honesty to change.
The willingness to teach.

Allowing people to
Speak into my life

And I,
Into theirs.

Through the lense of love -
A common Spirit,
Fueld by Sacred Breath.

A risk worth the reward.

And through it all,
I’ve learned to rest
In the unforced rhythms of grace
With myself,
With relationships,
With the world.

A posture of awareness,
A life filled with wonder,
And a spirit of radical amazement.

This, my commitment
to the power of the examined life.