Hurricane Ida Recovery Resources Project

As I watched Hurricane Ida slam into Louisiana as a category 4 storm over the weekend, all I could do is watch the news trickle in about what type of damage was left in its path.

As an Oklahoman, I’ve seen my fair share of natural disasters. Recovery efforts are usually underway immediately, but sometimes it’s hard to wrap your arms around all the resources available to you as recovery efforts begin.

As the storm approached the Louisiana coast, I had a flashing thought that someone should take as much of the information and resources that were being posted, and aggregate them into a single resource that people could use as a reference.

Then I thought - why not me?

So, in a fast and furious few hours, I whipped together the initial version of a resource page.

The result was a scrappy little site for recovery efforts:

The site was built with simple HTML, CSS, & JS site that leveraged the Bootstrap framework for fast layout design. This allowed me to build and deploy it as quickly as possible. The goal was not to make the page pretty, it was to get it published so that people could start using it.

Over the course of the evening and into the next morning as more resources became available, I added to the site little-by-little:

I was even able to embedd live coverage from a local news station into the site in case someone needed a news outlet to follow:

As the resource list grew, I adjusted the layout to accomodate more links and information, until I finally settled on a format that is currently in use.

Overall, I know people are using the site, so that’s good. I’ll keep adding resources and information as I have time.

If you know of anyone directly affected by the storm that you think would find the resource useful, you can send them to:

If you would like to contribute to the project, there is a section on the site that outlines ways you can help. Feedback is welcome and can be submited here.