Site Updates

As I continue to build out the structure of this website, I’ve made a few bigger tweaks to the design and direction of a few pages.

Newsletter Archive

Rather than linking each week’s published newsletter to the associated MailChimp version, I am taking the extra time to create and publish a page on this site for each issue and then linking the page to the MailChimp version.

This accomplishes a few things:

  • Keeps the reader on my site.
  • Loads faster because it is published as basic HTML like the rest of this site.
  • Better aligns with the IndieWeb principle of Publish (on your)Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere (POSSE). This is important because if MailChimp suddenly goes away, so does all my newsletter content. Publishing copies of the newsletter on my own site reduces dependency on a 3rd party and ensures that the archive will always be available.
  • Helps build the overall library of knowledge and information I am putting together here. As I have mentioned before, this site is my digital cabinet of curiosities. As such, I want to make sure that as much of the content that I create stays here to contribute to the record of thought evolution.

About Page Colophon

I added a section for Colophon on the About page. This is to codify the tools and technologies used to build this site (in case others are interested) as well as to enshrine a few of the design principles I am using as guideposts for content. I find it a helpful reference when reviewing design changes I’m thinking about implementing.

Removed Articles Page

The original purpose of the Articles page was to have a place to post “finished” pieces. But, the more I think about it, there is really only two forms of writing that I’m trying to capture here - journal entries that are snapshots in time of updates/changes/commentary/etc. and living documents that are in a state of continual refinement (more on these two categories here).

Which brings me to…


One of the goals of this site is that most of the content here is considered “living.” In other words - anything I publish is subject to change at any time. The reasoning for this is because as new facts, information, and experiences become available, my thoughts about certain things may change. However, I think it’s important to record why and when something changed.

As such, I’ve started the process of adding a Changelog section to the bottom of any major page that receives (or may receive) ongoing updates. This helps track what items are changing over time and, more importantly, it provides a simple record for the evolution of a thought or an idea that I am exploring. See the About page as an example.